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Monis Rizvi

Monis Rizvi

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer living in Houston, TX. Since completing my Bachelor of Business Administration degree, I have worked for Citibank, Standard Chartered and HP. After several years in finance and technology industries, I found myself yearning for a new challenge and taking up web development seemed like a perfect fit for my next endeavor.

Reading and learning about technologies has always excited me and my earliest experience with web development dates back to the days of Netscape Navigator and GeoCities. With the help of various online resources and DigitalCrafts, I have transformed myself into a full-stack developer.

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Featured Projects


A fast responsive dashboard web-app performing API calls to provide a quick snapshot of the various crypto currencies available on the Bittrex exchange. The default view provides a summary of the most-traded currencies within the past 24-hours. Once logged in, users can create a customized dashboard based on the currencies of their choice.

Library app enables authenticated users to create personalized book collections using Google Books API

Popular card game with most of the basic rules implemented

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